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Should You Manage SEO In-House Or Work With An Agency?

Jayson DeMers Their work may not be as efficient or as professionally done as that of an entire team working together. The other major factor for consideration is the accountability factor. When you hire a dedicated employee or contractor for your SEO campaign, there’s little assurance of eventual success. If, a year down the line, you see little to no results, you can fire that person, but first page guaranteed the money you’ve already spent is gone. When working with an agency, if you don’t see results after an extended period of time, you can position yourself for discounted service or get a partial refund for the money you’ve invested. This depends on the type of agency you work with and what expectations were set at the beginning of the campaign. Because of this slight advantage, statistically, working with an agency is may be a more cost-efficient option. From a cost-to-benefit perspective, in most cases, working with an agency is going to be a better option. You’ll lose a little bit of control and perhaps transparency, but the result tends to be more professional, more organized, more efficient work, though it will typically come at a higher price than an individual. Of course, if you’re working in a much larger company, the situation demands more thought. You’ll have access to a bigger budget, meaning you can afford to hire niche experts within the SEO industry and you’ll need to see bigger, better results than can come with the typical, formulaic agency approach.

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