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“With Thomas Dux, some stores were really profitable, while some were big-time loss making.” And, he said, “if you’re going to have a premium food offering, it has to be differentiated — it can’t just be a selection of brands that will be in the supermarkets, because then you’ve got to compete on price.” To this end, 70 per cent of products on the shelves would be David Jones brand. Interfood, a major international supplier, has come on board in partnership with Yarra Valley farms. While foodies will have to wait for the convenience stores to open, the department store’s revamped food hall at Bondi Junction Westfield will open on August 3, followed by a food market in the Wollongong store. Next up will be Melbourne’s Bourke Street Mall store. The Bondi store would be “quite different to historical David Jones food halls, more contemporary and modern”, with celebrity chef Neil Perry helping design its new food offerings, including beef from Tasmania, wine from Canberra and ham from Marrickville’s Black Forest. Olive oils, antipasto and cheese, cakes and sweet snacks will be on offer, and the food hall will have an oyster bar with a wide selection of wines, a butcher as well as pre-wrapped meat for the grab-and-go shopper. Pre-cut vegetables, marinated meats and pasta sauces will be on offer for those who want to have a meal ready within 15 minutes of getting home. The Bondi food hall will be equally split between food service and retail, while the smaller Wollongong food hall with have a bigger retail section. Mr de Wet said that David Jones parent company Woolworths (of South Africa, no relation to the Australian supermarket) had not initially planned on entering the food market.

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